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(1) A Bid Announced August 2014[edit]

A (very) short-term bid to hold the Worldcon in Paris, France in 2023, at Euro Disneyland. The bid was announced shortly before Loncon 3 and presented there, but withdrew immediately afterwards. It was represented by its British agents Jonathan Jones and Sharon Lewis-Jones when its four when the four French members of the bid committee were unable to attend.

It seems to have been one of the shortest-lived bids which actually became real enough to have flyers and a serious proposal.

(2) A Bid Announced October 2014[edit]

When the August 2014 Paris in 2023 bid collapsed, a new Paris bid was formed by a committee consisting of Albert Aribaud, Sybille Marchetto, Alex Garcia, Patrick Moreau, Georges Bormand, Alain Jardy, René Walling, Jean-Louis Trudel, Jean-Marc Lofficier, and Benoît Robin. It is unclear if they are still bidding Euro Disneyland.

This bid also evaporated and seems to have mutated into the Nice in 2023 bid.

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