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Paranormal, generally speaking, refers to the supernatural — things beyond scientific explanation. It ought, therefore, to cover most fantasy and weird fiction. However, when applied to genre fiction, it usually means any sort of fantasy or science fiction with a romantic plot.

In bookstores, “paranormal fiction” (abbreviated PNR) will tend to be shelved with the romance novels (aka “women’s fiction”) rather than in the sf/fantasy section, apparently to keep the fanboys safe from contamination with all that yucky love stuff.

Paranormal fiction writers include Ilona Andrews, J. C. Andrijeski, Patricia Briggs, Gail Carriger, Laurell K. Hamilton, Molly Harper, Charlaine Harris, Faith Hunter, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Eve Langlais, Bec McMaster and J. R. Ward.

Note that paranormal romance isn’t a substitute for the old term scientific romance.

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