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OKon 15, the last OKon, was held July 24-26, 1992 at the increasingly run-down Camelot Hotel in Tulsa OK. The GoH was Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, the AGoH was David Lee Anderson, the FGoH was K. D. Wentworth and the Music GoH was Diana Gallagher.

The toastmaster was Wm. Mark Simmons and the "Dog GoH" was Sammy Twosocks.

The previous year, the chairman of OKon had announced that this would be the last. A historian of OKon writes:

Held at the rapidly decaying Camelot Hotel, several room air conditioners exploded over the weekend, and many congoers refused to swim in the sickly-green swimming pool.  
Late Saturday night, someone set off a smoke bomb in one of the video rooms. Nine Tulsa Fire Dept. fire trucks responded to the alarm. The entire second floor was evacuated for several hours, and one person was treated on the scene for smoke inhalation. Immediately following closing ceremonies, lightning struck the roof of the Camelot, which soon closed down for good. 
STARbase Tulsa kept meeting for another year, but eventually disbanded. Several ex-members later joined together to start Conestoga in 1997. 

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