NecronomiCon, 1st Edition

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NecronomiCon, 1st Edition was held August 20-22, 1993 at the Sheraton Tara & Resort in Danvers, MA. The GoH was Robert Bloch and the AGoH was Gahan Wilson.

Program Participants included: Douglas A. Anderson, Scott David Aniolowski, Steve Behrends, Donald R. Burleson, Peter Cannon, Don D'Ammassa, Stefan Dziemianowicz, Jason Conrad Eckhardt, Ken Faig, Sam Gafford, Norm Gayford, Matt Goodman, Faye Ringel Hazel, Keith Herber, Franklin Hummel, Ron Johnson, S. T. Joshi, J. Todd Kingrea, Robert H. Knox, Allen Koszowski, Steven J. Mariconda, M. Eileen McNamara, Marc A. Michaud, W. H. Mueller, Bob Murch, Will Murray, Robert M. Price, Kevin A. Ross, David E. Schultz, Darrell Schweitzer, Joan Stanley, Gary Sumpter, John Tynes, Hubert Van Calenbergh, and Stanley Wiater.

Convention Committee Members were Sam Gafford, Franklin Hummel, Ron Johnson, Marc A. Michaud, and Joan C. Stanley.

Program Schedule for NecronomiCon 1st Edition

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