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NAPA (Vorzimer)
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(For other Napae, see NAPA (Disambiguation).)

Like the mundane NAPA, this was called the National Amateur Press Association.

From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
(Vorzimer) Not to be confused with N'APA, this was founded in November, 1953 under circumstances explained under Lifecon. It was composed of teen-age fan-publishers, with a core of founders in the LA area, of whom only Vorzimer and Larry Balint were well-known. NAPA attracted Terry Carr, Pete Graham, Russ Watkins, and others, but the first mailing never came out, since Vorzimer got interested in the publication of Abstract. The fact that there had existed a mundane NAPA for years dampened the enthusiasm of members, but never really stopped anything; many active meetings were held at the Vorzimer home on Laurel Canyon Blvd in Hollywood, and it kept a lot of teenagers, and Forry Ackerman, off the street.

The ninth meeting in 1954 was an overnight event called NAPAcon by Vorzimer in a report in Abstract #3 (May 1954, p. 21), and held at his house. Dave Rike supposedly hoaxed the other members by posing as Keith Joseph, “the most obnoxious fan of the year,” but the pretender turned out not to actually be Rike.

Publication Reasonator 1953
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