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(Did you mean the Chris Couch and Lesleigh Couch fanzine?)

A fanzine, initially titled Logorrhea, which was published by Tom Perry with twelve issues in 1963 through 1966 and resuming with issue thirteen in 1976 and ending in 1977. The 1960s issues were published in Omaha, while the 70s issues were published in the UK. During the 60s, four of the issues included Walt Willis' column, "The Harp That Once or Twice".

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 1956 10 Titled Logorrhea
2 1963 10
3 July 1963 14
4 1963 20
5 1964 22
6 April 1964 20 Last issue titled Logorrhea
7 1964 20 First issue titled Quark. Includes the title "Logorrhea" in smaller font, and says "A fanzine formerly known as LOG and LOGORRHEA, now entitled QUARK?" The '?' is soon dropped.
8 1964 Unnumbered issue, probably from 1964
9 Spring 1965 22
10 July 1965 34
12 1976
13 1976 10 Published in the UK
14 April 1977 34 Published in the UK

Publication 19631977
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