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(February 21, 1917 – March 8, 1971)

Linus J. Hogenmiller of Farmington, Missouri, was one of the very first fans. He was a letterhack to the pulps, and Forry Ackerman’s first correspondent. By 1930, the two teens started the Boys' Scientifiction Club. He introduced the abbreviation "stf."

He apparently gafiated with a bang. “Novae in the fan field are common,” Will Sykora wrote of him in Fantasy-News 140 (March 2, 1941). “A fan may start small. He may have only read stf for a year or two. He gets a few sample fan mags. He begins writing for them. Though a mere child, possibly, he is treated as a mature intellect. His ego bloats, and bloats, and finally ---- bursts. Linus Hogenmiller is the earliest case I can recall.”

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