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(January 26, 1943 – February 20, 1986)

Judy-Lynn del Rey (née Benjamin) was a major SF editor. She was an SF fan and regularly attended conventions, working her way up the publishing ladder, starting with work at Galaxy.

Judy-Lynn was friends with Lester del Rey and married him after the death of his third wife. After moving to Ballantine Books, she revitalized the publisher's once-prominent SF line there, and soon after brought in Lester to edit their fantasy line. With their success, she was given her own imprint, called Del Rey Books. She also edited an original SF anthology series, Stellar.

As an editor, she was known for her rapport with authors, and she had a beloved reputation. She was also instrumental in obtaining the rights to publish novels based on George Lucas's movie Star Wars.

She was born with dwarfism. She suffered a brain hemorrhage in October, 1985, and died several months later. She was posthumously awarded the 1986 Best Professional Editor Hugo, but Lester del Rey declined to accept the award in her name, saying that she would have objected to the award being given to her just because she had recently died.

Entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

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