John D. MacDonald

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(1916 -- 1986)

John Dann MacDonald, JDM, was primarily an author of crime, suspense, and SF novels. He is remembered today primarily for his popular series of novels about Travis McGee. His novel, The Executioner, was filmed twice as Cape Fear.

As a young man, he was a member of the Central New York Science-Fantasy Society.

His SF included the following:

   (1951) Wine of the Dreamers (reprinted as Planet of the Dreamers)
   (1952) Ballroom of the Skies
   (1962) The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything
   (1978) Other Times, Other Worlds (SF stories chosen by MacDonald and Martin H. Greenberg)
   (1980) Time and Tomorrow (an omnibus of MacDonald's three SF novels)

Len Moffatt was a JDM enthusiast and published The JDM Bibliophile and (with June Moffatt) the JDM Master Checklist.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

Person Reasonator 19161986
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