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(October 7, 1938 – July 18, 2003)

Jane Ellern (née Nelda Jane Gallion, later, Jacobs), a Los Angeles fan, also used the spellings Jayn and Jayne. She wrote professionally as Jane Gallion. L.A. fandom called her “Lady Jane.”

She entered fandom about 1959, and belonged to LASFS and its subgroup The Blackguards, for which she and then husband Billern hosted many fan gatherings.

Jane edited and contributed to fanzines in the 1960s, and was a member of SAPS and FAPA.

She went on to write what The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction called “gonzo pornography,” including Biker (1969), a post-apocalyptic novel featuring explicit sex, and Going Down, “erotic science fiction” (written in the ’70s, but first published in 2001), as well as some tamer sf. She was also a poet.

Jane divorced Bill Ellern and gafiated. In 1973, she moved to West Virginia, and later to Texas.


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