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(December 24, 1939 – November 30, 2012)

Mary Janice "Jan" Sadler Kauffman aka Jan Sadler, Jan Penney and Jan Samuels at various times of her life, found fandom at age 11 when she joined Little Monsters of America. Her first SF convention was the first annual Southeastern Science Fiction Conference, The Agacon, at the Dinkler-Plaza, Atlanta, GA, in April 1955, which she attended with her father, David Sadler.

Jan married David E. Penney, a fan and grad student at Tulane University, in December 1955 and moved to New Orleans, where she was a member of the Tulane fan group and a center of local fanac. She co-chaired the 1961 New Orleans Consolacon with Emile Greenleaf. She was a member of The Cult. She was a poet and artist.

She gafiated in the early 1960s but became revenant in 1968. By the early 1970s, she had moved to California.

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