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From Fancyclopedia 1 ca 1944
(Wollheim) -- The International and Allied Organizations for the Purpose of Upholding and Maintaining the Use of Metallic Fasteners in Science Fiction Publications in the United States of America, Unlimited, the organization that opposed the spwsstfm in the First Staple War. Wollheim was Grand High Cocolorum of the force. Kenneth Sterling Exalted Grand Booleywag, all other members had suitable titles, except one suspected of being a spy, who was deprived of his title. The military arm was called the Ultra-Violet Shirt Shocked Troops. There were some two-score members in all, which was said to be more than the spwsstfm's. Several Fortresses (locals) existed. The Official Organ, the Polymorphanucleated Leucocyte, and the membership certificates, mixed excellent broad and subtle humor.

See Up To Now: The First Staple War for more on this.

Club Reasonator 1935
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