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(July 30, 1927 – July 24, 1997)

Ginny Haas with her fiancé, Oliver Saari, during Midwestcon 1, May 1950.

Virginia May “Ginny” Saari (née Haas) was Chairman of the Program Committee for Chicon II, the 1952 Worldcon.

An admiring Walt Willis mentioned her frequently in his conrep in The Harp Stateside. She was married to Ollie Saari, who was also on the concom, but WAW never mentioned him.

Ginny and Ollie were at the first Midwestcon in 1950. They married in November of that year and settled in Chicago, according to Bob Tucker in Science Fiction News Letter 18, p. 3 (December 1950).

At some point, they divorced and Ginny apparently gafiated; she married Roland Calvin Briggs in 1977, but divorced him in 1981.

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