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Genie DiModica, ???, and Bridget Dziedzic at a Fanoclasts meeting, probably in the 1970s (photographer: Steve Stiles)

(January 7, 1948 – August 31, 2021)

Genevieve DiModica (aka Gene or Genie DiModica) was a fan active in the 1960s and ’70s. She was a Founding Mother, with Ginjer Buchanan, Linda Bushyager and Suzanne Tompkins, of the Western Pennsylvania Science Fiction Association and a member of the Lunarians.

She was a roommate of Suzle and Linda’s at Carnegie Mellon, and then Ginjer's roommate in New York, and was one of the people sharing a room at Baycon as described in "I Have Had No Sleep and I Must Giggle".

She was on the Bermuda Triangle Bid committee.

Along with the other "Founding Mothers" of WPSFA, she was a GoH at the 1977 PghLange.

She was a Realtor in mundane life, living on the New Jersey Shore.

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