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Dick Eney defined fubba-wubba as "fat, sloppy and cranky," which might be another version of the epithet "Fat Ugly Broad With A Bad Attitude," the acronym pronounced that way in the macrocosm. That initialism is heavily used in the SCA, and may have originated there.

It appears to have nothing to do with the centuries-old folk song, "Fubba Wubba John," who is characterized as "Old, Blind Drunk John" in some versions.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
And looking at the result a generation later makes me uncomfortably aware of the changes that took place since 1959. I can laugh at my comment to our remote posterity, "For our readers in the year 2000..." But who'd have thought that describing Kabu's females as "fubsy" [plump, pleasant and slightly pedomorphic] would have become offensive for people who saw the word as related to "fubba-wubba" [fat, sloppy and cranky]?

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