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Fred Warth (undated photo)

(May 19, 1928 – April 11, 1990)[1]

Frederick Emil Warth Jr., a faned and awesome fanartist, was active in the 1940s.

“Warth, wrote Tucker: “I’ll bet you don’t remember him -- he was the other fan from Savannah, Ga.”

He was a tuckerized character in Bob’s first book. The better-remembered Savannian LeeH, coming into fandom on his heels, dedicated the second issue of Quandry to Warth, calling him her fanzine’s “ghod-uncle.” Walt Kessel, also from Savannah, was “ghod-pappy.”

After a few years as a small child in Pittsburgh, he spent most of his life in Savannah. He married Barbara Ann Tankersley (1940–2021); they performed together with the Madrigal Singers of Savannah and had four children.[2]

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