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(1949 –)

Minneapolis fan. Born Fred Haskell, but changed his name on marriage to Susan Levy in 1989. Founder of and continues to be active in Minn-Stf, and worked on many Minicons starting with Minicon 1.

He was a member of the original (pre-'73) bid committee of Minneapolis in '73 and an avid supporter of the revived bid. Chairman of InVention 30 April 1982 and Corflu 6, and member of the executive council of Minicon 34. Ran for DUFF in 1977 and TAFF in 1979.

Fanzines: Comm'l, Cheap Thrills (in APA-45), Rune (#s 39-48), Telos, Lunatic Quarterly.

One-shots: Out of the Spittoon, A Happy One Shot for Apa45 (1967, co-edited with Jim Young and Ken Fletcher).

Member of the following APAs: Love (for APA-45) (1965, 1967-1969), Minneapa (1972-1982 Applaud, Beautiful Friend), AZAPA (1976-1978), Oasis (1979-1981), TAPA (1980-1981).

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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