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The Fanvets (more formally, the Fantasy Veterans Association or FVA) were a group of fans headquartered in New York City who were veterans of World War II. James Taurasi and Raymond Van Houten were the officers. It sponsored the Fanvet Convention and provided reading matter for overseas fans. It seems to have been formed not long after the war and died early in the 1960s.

Membership in The Fantasy Veterans Association is open to all veterans of the US Armed Forces with at least 90 days service, whose discharge was oth­er than dishonorable, or present members of the US Armed Forces who have served at least 90 days, Men and women, officers and EM, all are equally eligi­ble.

In A Wealth of Fable, Harry Warner says "The FanVets somehow survived the decade [the 1950s], despite the basic incompatibility between fandom and the armed forces. Reorganization was necessary in 1961 because, ironically, some key members had been called to active military duty."

Its clubzine was The Fan-Vet.


Year Commander Secretary
1955 Frank R. Prieto, Jr. James V. Taurasi

From Fancyclopedia 2 Supplement, ca. 1960
A short-lived New York organization, named from "Fantasy Veterans". It put on conventions in the mid-50s. The 1955 con was big enough to draw personalities like JWCjr, Sturgeon, Ley, Merril, etc.

Club 19501960s
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