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Engrams, units of cognitive information inside the brain, are theorized to be the means by which memories are stored. Their mechanism and location have been a subject of research for many decades.

The term engram was coined by memory researcher Richard Semon (1859–1918) and referred to the physical substrate of memory in the brain.

L. Ron Hubbard defined engrams, in Scientology, as mental images of past experiences that produce negative emotional effects. One needed to get rid of these, according to Elron, by paying his church money so an “auditor” could, using an “e-meter,” help the person become “clear,” or engram-free.

From Fancyclopedia 2 Supplement, ca. 1960
It should be noted that this concept was not invented by Hubbard, but by a reputable psychologist, name of Semon, whose ideas on the subject were not accepted either. Engrams were to account for the intrauterine fantasy dreams.

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