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From Fancyclopedia 1, ca. 1944
Recognition of excellence in some field. The fanzine Fan Editor & Publisher gave some awards, and Walt Daugherty presented medals at the Denvention based on his own choices, but honors coming from only one or two persons without any official backing are of questionable importance. The FAPA Constitution impliedly provides for annual laureates, the details left up to the vice-president, chmn of the Laureate Committee ex officio. Formerly five laureates were awarded, for publishing (mechanical excellence or innovation), editing (choice of material or mutant type fanzine), writing (fiction and non-fiction), poetry, and art work based on material in the year's mailings. In some of these fields there has at time been little competition; and due to predominance of the individ fanzine, editing and publishing laureates were combined. Silk-screened certificates were awarded the laureate and runner-up in each division, the frazing being on the order of "This certifies that Joe Fann has been awarded the title of Author Laureate Runner-up", signed by the v-p. "Laureate" here is an adjective following the noun "Author" which it modifies. The Laureate Committee consists of three or five members, usually including the official critics.

The FAPA laureates were sometimes awarded based on the Egoboo Poll.

See also: Laureate Awards.

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