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(February 20, 1926 – January 16, 2006)

Edwin Moerenhout Clinton, Jr., a California fan and pro active beginning in the 1940s, also wrote sf as Anthony More, E. M. Clinton, Ed M. Clinton, Jr., and other variants. He was a critic, as well.

A San Francisco native, he had moved to LA by the 1940s. He was on the roster for Philcon, the 1947 Worldcon. He was a member of LASFS, though he resigned in a blowup in 1952 (see Fancyclopedia 2 entry under LASFS). The club honored him at a Fanquet three years later, though, so they must have made up.

In 1951, he married fellow LASFSian Audrey Seidel; they edited an issue of Shaggy together and joined Chicon 2, the 1952 Worldcon. They divorced at some point.

Ed married Jessie Wilt, another LASFS member, in December 1957 in Las Vegas; they moved to the BArea, and had son, Anthony (named, like Ed’s pseudonym, for Anthony Boucher). The Clintons were among the parents who supported Walter Breen during the Breendoggle, contributing a strong pro-Breen statement to John and Bjo Trimble’s The Loyal Opposition.

Ed was a member of the Berkeley in '67 Worldcon bid. We can’t find evidence of his fanac after that, so he may have gafiated. He and Jessie ultimately moved to Montana where he died in 2006.

He was a lover of music, especially Mozart and opera.

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