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(1903 --)

Erle Barr Hanson was a Florida fan who began as a collector (he bought Amazing on the newsstand from the first issue onwards) and only became active in fandom during WW II. In his mundane life, he was head of music for Miami radio station WIOD, and head of the musicians' union. He was mainly a collector and at one time was reputed to have the largest collection in the South. His collection was particularly strong in Argosy and included bound sets dating back to the 1800s. He began collecting books in 1916 and prozines starting in 1926. Later he became an active member of dime novel fandom.

He was a member of the Colorado Fantasy Society (probably as a supporting member of the Denvention. He was one of the organizers of the short-lived Dixie Fantasy Federation in 1941 and was its first (and only) President. He wrote things like: "Our motto, 'Tolerance and Vision,' should reveal the democratic ideals and purposes of the constitution and the colors, blue and gray, contain the essence of the liberal understanding and civilization of the new South."

He was a charter member of he National Fantasy Fan Federation in 1941, and a "founding membe"r article on Hanson by Jon D. Swartz appeared in the October 2018 issue of The National Fantasy Fan.

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