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(December 3, 1922 -- October 13, 2010)

As a young fan, Donald H. Tuck located other fans in Hobart, Tasmania and together they produced the first Tasmanian fanzine, Profan, which had three issues between April and September 1941. Each issue included an author's biography and index to their published stories.

Tuck continued to be interested in sf bibliography and built up an extensive card index to sf with help from fans around the world. He published A Handbook of Science Fiction and Fantasy in January 1954 to widespread acclaim and in 1962 received a special committee award for it from Chicon III. He continued to work and published the three volumes of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy through Advent in 1974-1984, and received the 1984 Best Non-Fiction Book Hugo (Australia's first Hugo Award) for the third and final volume. Other works included Checklist to Anthologies, and Author's Works Listings.

Tuck was the Australian GoH at Aussiecon I in 1975, but was unable to attend. A delegation of North American fans visited him at his home in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia after the con. He received the 1985 Big Heart Award. He was a member of the N3F.

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