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Conversion rules for the script converting wikdot pages to mediawiki ones

All history forgotten

All new filenames have the name from the page title, not its filename, ie Ansible.txt, not ansible.txt

Any page tagged with '_Admin' should be put on a blacklist and not converted

Add a line to all list-of* pages, fixme

Tags should be converted to lines appended to the end of a page

Change the clever double quotes “ and ” (see to standard "

Change [[[[page]]] to [[[page]]]

Change [[[link]]] and [[[[link]]]] to [[page]], as we don't want those extra [
  "\[(\[\[[A-Za-z0-9\- ,'\.\|]*\]\])\]" "\1"

Change italics // to ''
 "//" "''"

Change bold ** to '''

change bullet # at the start of a line to *, otherwise leave alone

Replace [[module backlinks]] from the year pages like 1980 with {{year}}

Change [[module Redirect destination="A"]] to #REDIRECT [[A]]

change [[include file]] to \{\{file\}\}
 "\[\[include ([A-Za-z0-9\- ,']*)\]\]" "{{\1}}"

Next 3 changes must be applied in order
Change conseries lines of the form [[[Boskone 1]]]<<<<@@  @@>>>>[[[Boskone 3]]] to {{Template:ConSeries|before=[[Boskone 1]]|after=[[Boskone 3]]}}
  "\[\[\[([A-Za-z0-9\- ,']*)\]\]\]<<<<@@  @@>>>>\[\[\[([A-Za-z0-9\- ,']*)\]\]\]" "{{Template:ConSeries|before=\1|after=\2}}"

Change [[[Boskone 2]]]<<<<@@  @@ to {{Template:ConSeries|before=[[Boskone 2]]}}
 "\[\[\[([A-Za-z0-9\- ,']*)\]\]\]<<<<@@  @@" "{{Template:ConSeries|before=\1}}"

Change @@  @@>>>>[[[Boskone 2]]] to {{Template:ConSeries|after=[[Boskone 2]]}}
 "@@  @@>>>>\[\[\[([A-Za-z0-9\- ,']*)\]\]\]" "{{Template:ConSeries|after=\1}}"

Change tables with header row
 <tab class=wikitable>
 Name | Date | GoH
 Con | October 25-27, 1980 | John Bray

Change Fancyclopedia 1 boxes to
 {{Fancyclopedia 1 | text=

 "\|\| from \[\[\[Fancyclopedia 1\]\]\]   ca\. 1944 \|\|\n\|\|([ A-Za-z0-9\- ,'\.\|\[\]]*)\|\|" "{{Template:Fancyclopedia 1|text=\1\n}}"

Change Fancyclopedia 2 boxes to
 {{Fancyclopedia 2 | text=

 "\|\| from \[\[\[Fancyclopedia 2\]\]\]   ca\. 1959 \|\|\n\|\|([ A-Za-z0-9\- ,'\.\|\[\]]*)\|\|" "{{Template:Fancyclopedia 2|text=\1\n}}"

Change [[include recognition]] to {{recognition}}

Change [[include fanbar website=X]] to {{fan|website=X}}

Change [[include probar website=X]] to {{pro|website=X}}

Change [[include genbar website=X]] to {{general|website=X}}

Change [[include genbar website=X|name=Y]] to {{general|website=X|name=Y}}

Change [[include smallpressbar website=X|name=Y]] to {{publisher|website=X|name=Y}}

Change [[include awardbar website=X|name=Y]] to {{award|website=X|name=Y}}

Change [[include linkbar first=A | second=B | name=Y| website=X]] to {{general|website=X|name=Y}} # forget the A and B

Change [[include conbar website=X|name=Y]] to {{convention|name=Y|website=X}}

Change [[include prozinebar website=X|name=Y]] to {{prozinebar|name=Y|website=X}}

Change [[include bookbar website=X|name=Y]] to {{prozinebar|name=Y|website=X}}

Change [[include prizes url=X|text=T]] to {{prizes|website=X|text=T}}

Change [[include fanzinebar website=X|name=Y]] to {{fanzine|website=X|name=T}}

Change [[include publisherbar website=X|name=Y]] to {{fanzine|website=X|name=T}}

Change [[include clubbar website=X|name=Y]] to {{club|website=X|name=T}}

Change [[include websiteref url=X|text=T]] to {{websiteref|website=X|text=T|capture=C}}

Change [http... text] to  {{websiteref|website=X|text=T}}

Change [[include internetarchiveref url=X|capture=C|text=T]] to {{internetarchiveref|website=X|text=T|capture=C}}

Change [[include stub]] to {{stub}}

Change [[include stub-bio]] to {{bio}} and for stub-convention, stub-club, stub-fanzine, stub-apazine, stub-bid

Change [[include listof]] [[include listgen]] [[include :snippets]] to {{fixme}}

Change [[module listpages]] and [[module files]] to {{fixme}}

Change [[include whoswho1940ref page=N]] to {{whoswho1940ref|page=N}}

Change [[include File770Ref issue=A | page = B | text=C]] to {{file770ref|issue=A|page=B|text=C]]

Delete pages awardbar clubbar fanzinebar linkbar prozinebar smallpressbar
bookbar conbar genbar probar publisherbar worldconbar

Delete pages awardbar1 clubbar1 fanzinebar1 linkbar1 prozinebar1 smallpressbar1
bookbar1 conbar1 genbar1 probar1 publisherbar1 worldconbar1

*bar1 pages like probar1

Delete index_* pages, so index_people* index_tagfanzines index_tagconventions index_tagclubs
index_alphanumeric* index_characters index_fanac-names

Delete pages file770ref, file770ref1 file770footnote, test2, listgen, page-list-example, system_*, nav_side.txt,
forum_*, search_site admin_*

review file iguanacon-2/application.ini and vincent-villafranca/2013 Hugo Award trophy front (sic)

Leave <winner> alone and other things that are html tag like

Review pages site-members tags

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