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Conestoga 10 was held July 28-30, 2006, at the Radisson Tulsa (formerly a Sheraton) in Tulsa, OK. GoHs: David Drake, Artist GoH Don Maitz, Toastmaster Robin Wayne Bailey, Fan Guests of Honor Lynn Stranathan & Selina Rosen, plus Special Guest James P. Hogan. The play was A Night at the Space Opera. Charity activities during the convention benefited The Royal Gauntlet Educational Birds of Prey Show and Animal Rehabilitation Center. Conestoga shared its tenth anniversary celebration with small press publishers Meisha Merlin Publishing and Yard Dog Press.

Over 540 people attended the convention that year. "The Pirates of the Conestoga" dressed fans up in pirate costumes for a portrait contest. Best in Show at the film festival went to Guidolon, the Giant Space Chicken. The art show did almost $4,000 worth of business, and the charity auction brought in over $1,500.

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