Charles L. Harness

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(December 29, 1915 -- September 20, 2005)

Charles Leonard Harness was an American SF writer who was born in Colorado City, Texas, and grew up just outside it, then later in Fort Worth. He earned degrees in chemistry and law from George Washington University and worked as a patent attorney in Connecticut and Washington, DC from 1947 to 1981.

His nominations for genre awards include the following: "The Rose", novella nominated for the 1954 Best Novella Retro Hugo; "The Alchemist", novella and "An Ornament to His Profession", novelette, both nominated for the 1967 Best Novelette Hugo as well as the Nebula Award; "Probable Cause", novella nominated for the Nebula Award for 1969; "Summer Solstice", novella nominated for the 1985 Best Novella Hugo.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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