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CAN*CON '95 was held May 12-14, 1995 at the Talisman Hotel in Ottawa, Canada. It was also Canvention 15.

GoH was Dave Duncan. Other guests were: Writers: Élisabeth Vonarburg, Candas Jane Dorsey, Tanya Huff, Judith Merril, Phyllis Gotlieb, Joël Champetier, Jean-Louis Trudel, Robert J. Sawyer, Donald Kingsbury, Yves Meynard, Karen Wehrstein, Shirley Meier; Artist/Poet: Heather Spears; Artist: Jean-Pierre Normand; Editors: David G. Hartwell, Cath Jackel; Fan: Robert Runté.

Along with the Canvention, CAN*CON '95 also was designated the Congrès Boréal 12 ( for the first time in six years), the 1st Annual Academic Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Literature, and a Computer Expo. CAN*CON '95 was also partnered with the National Library of Canada to launch their Out of This World! exhibit on Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy, and Canada Post for the launch of their Canadian Superhero stamp series.

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