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(July 6, 1977 – )

Brianna Wu is a Boston fan and fanartist. She has frequently attended area cons.

A video game developer and software engineer, she co-founded Giant Spacekat, an independent video game development studio, with Amanda Warner in Boston. She also did podcasts on gaming and tech topics. Wu was one of the targets of Gamergate harassment, including scores of rape and death threats, along with doxxing, to the point that she had to flee her home.

In part due to that experience, in 2018, she ran for Congress as a Democrat in Massachusetts's 8th congressional district, but did not win. She began a second campaign for the primary in 2020; however, in April she ended it, due to the Covid-19 lockdown preventing in-person campaigning.

She’s married to sf artist and writer Frank Wu.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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