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Con*Cept 2000 / Boréal 2000 was to be held October 13-15, 2000 at the Days Inn Downtown in Montreal, QC. The intended guests were: GoH Charles de Lint, AGoH Yannick Paquette, TM Larry Stewart, and Special Guests Josepha Sherman and Julie E. Czerneda.

However, the Con*Cept 2000 portion of the convention had to be cancelled.

Boréal 2000 went ahead on the same dates at the same location. Guests were Natasha Beaulieu, René Beaulieu, Sylvie Bérard, Claude Bolduc, Eric Bourguignon, Joel Champetier, Serena Gentilhomme, Mario Giguère, Terence M. Green, David G. Hartwell, Andrée Laurier, Félix Maltais, Yves Meynard, Hugues Morin, Adam Nichols, Stéphan Parent, Francine Pelletier, Jean Pettigrew, Raymond Pollender, Esther Rochon, Christian Sauvé, Robert J. Sawyer, Patrick Senécal, Mark Shainblum, Guy Sirois, Jean-Louis Trudel, Elisabeth Vonarburg. There do not appear to have been any Guests of Honor.

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