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Arthur Louis Joquel II in mystical costume at Pacificon, 1946.

(February 9, 1919 – March 31, 1974)

Arthur Louis “Art” Joquel II was an LA fan nicknamed Alojo in Esperanto. He and Donn Brazier are credited with coining the abbreviation fmz. Among other fmz, he published Sun Trails, Scorpio, and Fanfile in the 1940s.

A member of LASFS from 1941, he guest edited several issues of Shangri L'Affaires from 1942–46. During World War II, he started several chain letters, one of the ways fandom sustained itself in that period.

He published poetry written by Fywert Kinge and was suspected of being him, but this turned out to be T. Bruce Yerke. He also published at least one story in the pulps under the pename William Graham, and a variety of nonfannish publications. He dabbled in the occult. He was a conscientious objector during World War II and published a number of pacifistic pamphlets.

He married Marie Louise Burnett on June 17, 1938, and they had a daughter, Chloe, on September 6, 1943. It doesn’t seem to have been a successful or long-lasting marriage, and he doesn’t appear to have exposed his family to LASFS. James Kepner wrote in Shaggy 24 (March 1945, p. 6):

Art is lively, loud, blond, and plump, and expects to feast with Hymen soon as he can find a girl who fulfils a large enuf percentage of his qualifications, and who isn't already taken. I suppose he'd be looking for a ring now, if he weren't so out of sympathy with modern popular ceremonial.

By the late 1950s, Joquel had gafiated. He moved to Phoenix, AZ, where he taught history at Sunnyslope High School and wrote science news for The Arizona Republic. From there, he moved to New York and then back to California, where he taught anthropology at Fresno City College and joined the SCA.


From Fancyclopedia 1, ca. 1944
Alojo Nickname for Arthur Louis Joquel II.

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Arthur Joquel II (1940s). Courtesy of Rob Hansen.

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