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The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists (ASFA) is a non-profit, educational association, whose membership is made up of amateur and professional artists, art directors, art show managers, publishers, and collectors involved in the visual arts of SF, fantasy, mythology, and related topics.

ASFA's purpose is to encourage and develop amateur artistic talent, educate the public, publishers, patrons of the arts and anyone interested in works of these particularly types of art and craftsmanship in the rights, needs, and problems of the people involved in the creation of this material. It published the ASFA Newsletter.

Each year ASFA gives out the Chesley Awards, named for the famous astronomical artist, Chesley Bonestell. The Chesleys were started in 1985 as a means for the SF and fantasy art community to recognize individual works and achievements during the previous year and were originally called the Annual ASFA Awards.

The discussions that led to ASFA began at Big Mac, the 1976 Worldcon in Kansas City and it first met formally the following year at Suncon in Miami. The founding artists were Carl Lundgren, Freff, Janny Wurts, and Frank Kelly Freas. It remained as an unincorporated club until 1988, when then-president David Cherry spearheaded incorporation.


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