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The General Technics APA, also sometimes called GT-APA. It existed for 85 bimonthly mailings. Issue #1 is dated July of 1979, and lists eight members.

GT's name derives from John Brunner's novel Stand on Zanzibar; in keeping with this precedent, editors of APA-TECH also held titles taken from this book. Thus, as the founding Official Editor, Renée Sieber was "G. T. Buckfast." Tullio Proni, emergency editor, was "Shalmaneser."

Issue #85, dated June 1993, lists 17 members. Audrey Helou was G.T. Buckfast for this final mailing.

Most issues have been scanned and archived by John Ridley.

Members and Apazines:[edit]


Publication 19791993
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