1995 Worldcon Site Selection

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Site Selection for the 1995 Worldcon was conducted by the 1992 Worldcon, MagiCon. The bidders were UK in '95 and Atlanta in '95. (There was also a NY in '95 hoax bid which did not appear on the ballot.)

The results:

Bidder Mail At-con Other Total
UK in '95 322 950 38 1310
Atlanta in '95 248 867 32 1147
Other 42 34 1 52
Totals 587 1851 71 2509

(The "other" column comprised problem ballots that were counted separately; It is presumed they included both mail and at-con ballots.)

Since UK in '95 received a majority of votes, it was the winner and went on to run Intersection in Glasgow.

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