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(August 25, 1940 – December 3, 2023)

Marilyn "Fuzzy Pink" Niven (formerly Wisowaty) was so-nicknamed in college because of her taste for fuzzy pink sweaters. A Boston-area fan active since the 1960s and a founding member of NESFA, she lived in LA. She worked on a variety of conventions, both regionals and Worldcons.

In college, she was a member of the MITSFS (where she created the Pinkdex) and was one of the founding members of NESFA. She was a member of LASFS starting in 1968 and a member of its Board of Directors. She was also a member of SCIFI as well as Almack's Society for Heyer Criticism.

In 1969, she married writer Larry Niven, whom she met at NyCon 3 in 1967.

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