The Incompleat Terry Carr
A 62-page, one-shot mimeographed fanzine collecting selected fan writing of Terry Carr published in 1972 (with a second edition in March 1988) by Rich Brown and Arnie Katz.

Cover art by Steve Stiles.
Interior illos by Bill Rotsler.

Table of Contents:
3 Preface by Arnie Katz
4 Charles Burbee: The Complete Machiavelli
7 • The Fan Who Never Grew Young
10 • Trufan's Blood
14 • The Chaser
17 • My Fair Femmefan
28 • Fandom Harvest
38 • Egoboo For Algernon
44 • The Fastest Ham In The West
54 • Tailgate Ramble

There is also a hard bound collection of Terry Carr's fan writing, Fandom Harvest, which was published by John-Henri Holmberg in 1986.