(1) The Greatest Form of Literature

The preferred and most common modern abbreviation for science fiction. Sci-Fi is widely deprecated. Older, obsolete forms include stf scientifiction and Science-fantasy. Unless usage clearly shows a different intent, "SF" includes all branches of the fantastic, including fantasy.

See also the Fancyclopedia 2 definition under Science-Fiction.

(2) A Fanzine by John L. Magnus, Jr.

A fanzine edited by John L. Magnus, Jr. and part of Fanvariety Enterprises with at least seven issues in the early 50s.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 September 1952 28
2 October 1952 32
3 1942
4 December 1952 52
5 January 1953 40
6 February 1953 40
7 June 1953 52
8 October 1953 52 last issue named SF

Issue 9 was named Vamp and issues 10 and on were titled Varioso.

http://www.fanac.org/fanzines/SF/ (IA) Copies at Fanac

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