Golden Caterpillar Awards

Joke awards, and a few more serious ones, presented by Paul Stevens.



  • Jean Weber for furthering relations between the sexes through her article "How to Handle a Woman"


(presented at Syncon '83)

  • June Taubman for Tactful Remark of the Year
  • Merv Binns for Soliciting Business for the Australian and the International Telecommunications Networks
  • Julie Vaux for Services to word-of-mouth Advertising
  • Peter Toluzzi for doing what he did to Australian fandom and then getting out in time
  • John Packer for Services to "triffids" and for redefining the word "vermin"
  • Leigh Edmonds for Successful integration into the middle classes
  • Special Award to the Advertising Department of Granada Publishing for their advertising of "Bladerunner"


(presented at Eureka!con)

and one 'nice' Golden Caterpillar Award to

  • 'Transfinite AudioVisuals' for their selfless contribution to Australian conventions


(presented at Aussiecon Two)


(presented at Swancon XI)

  • Ian Nichols for the unknown deed that made him think he should have won an award at Aussiecon II
  • John Hall-Freeman for being crazy enough to open a science fiction bookshop and then proving the charge by opening another one
  • Grant Stone for starting the fannish baby boom
  • Barbara de la Hunty for her exposé at an Aussiecon II room party which showed exactly what Perth fans are made of
  • Jack Herman for having the courage of his convictions
  • Jeff Harris for the Texas Chainsaw Business Meeting, Adelaide 1985

the 'Rat Leaving the Ship' award to

  • Justin Ackroyd

and "Good Guy Awards" to


(presented at Swancon 14)

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