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In 1983, Melbourne fan Danny Heap attended the Australian Natcon, held in Sydney that year, under the name "Jacob Blake", in a disguise that included a wooden leg. "Jacob Blake" was subsequently named as editor of the 1989 Ditmar Award-winning fanzine Get Stuffed, and as Fan GoH at the 2010 Australian Natcon Dudcon III.

The Ditmar Award was collected by Danny Heap and James Allen, who had travelled by road across the Nullabor to attend that year's Natcon, Swancon 14, in Perth. They explained that Jacob Blake had been involved in a bike crash and was unable to attend, but that they, along with Phil Wlodarczyk, had a proprietary interest in the magazine due to having assisted it financially.

It seems that Danny had promised to put the Award down his trousers if Get Stuffed won, because that's what he did, to the bemusement of presenter Bob Shaw.

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