DeepSouthCon 18

DeepSouthCon 18 (AKA ASFiCon) was held August 22-24, 1980 at the Northlake Hilton in Atlanta, GA. Attendance was 514. The GoH was Ted White, the FGoH was Mike Glyer.

The convention was chaired by Cliff Biggers. (Vince Lyon was initially chairman, but had to resign when he got accepted into medical school. He was replaced by a troika of Biggers, Rich Howell and Mike Weber. Eventually, it was Biggers alone.) Michael Bishop was MC. Jerry Page was the Rebel Award winner and Piers Anthony won the Phoenix Award.

For a short review, see File 770 #23 p9.

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There was another Asficon held October 30-November 1, 1981 at the North Lake Hilton in Tucker, GA.

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