Arnie Katz

A fanzine fan living in Las Vegas. In 1970, while living in New York, he married fellow fan Joyce Fisher. They published the newszine FIAWOL in the 1970s and also assisted Sam Moskowitz in his publication, A Canticle for P. Schuyler Miller (1975). He co-founded the Brooklyn Insurgents and was a member of the New York in 1967 Worldcon bid, APA-45, and APA-F.

In Las Vegas, He is a member of the Fanwriting Circle, APA-V and The Cult, He was a member and officer of the Southern Nevada Area Fantasy Fiction Union (SNAFFU), hosted The Monthly Social in the 90s and also the Vegrants. He was on the Corflu 25 committee.

He published a serious novel set in fandom, The Fractured Circle.

Other fanzines and apazines include Arundel, Baloney (with Tom Springer), Claptrap, Corflatch Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones, Crifanac, Excalibur (with Lenny Bailes, Excelsior, Flicker, Fanac Time in Glitter City, Fanstuff, Fanoclast Weakly, The Fannish Worry Book, Fanzine Dreams, Folly, The Incompleat Terry Carr (with Rich Brown), Iron Lung, Jackpot!, Log, Quip, Snap (with Bill Kunkel), Splotch, St. Omp, Swoon, The Ted White Sampler, Toner 2 Times/, Vegas Fandom Weekly, Wooden Nickel, and Zup; Son of Zap.

With Joyce, he published A Little of the Best of Bob Tucker, Tandem, Implications (also with John Hardin), Bring Bruce Bayside Bulletin, Fourplay (also with John Hardin and Jacq Monahan), He edited The Sweetheart of Fanac Falls, a fanthology of Joyce's writing. He published Four-Star Extra with Joyce and also Bill Kunkel, and Charlene Kunkel.

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