Al Andrews

(1928 — 70)
Alfred McCoy Andrews was a founding member of the Southern Fandom Press Alliance, and Southern Fandom Group, co-publisher and editor of IscarioT. He published Abimelech for ALA-APA. He lived in Birmingham, AL in the early 60s. He was a member of the N3F, and ISFCC.

In 1961 he said of himself,

I collect Bible translations. Also strong interest in ancient religions, ancient history; with side interests in philosophy, poetry, and unusual subjects, i.e., lost continents, illusions (supernatural), literary hoaxes and pseudo-sciences. And, of course, music, ranging from classics, all types of jazz, a number of vocalists and folk music.

Bill Plott writes in Remembering Al Andrews that he was a "dedicated correspondent, genuinely funny guy, and good friend."

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