The War of Hazel's Nose

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A very minor kerfuffle which happened when Harlan Ellison visited the UK in 1976 and dropped in to the July meeting at the One Tun. During a long conversation with Hazel Langford he playfully tweaked her nose, but when Hazel's husband Dave Langford joined them and heard about it, he playfully tweaked Ellison's nose in return. Langford quickly forgot about this as trivial, but soon afterwards in an interview with Christopher Fowler in Vector 75 Ellison complained about the fan who would now go around boasting that he had "tweaked the great Ellison's nose," saying "I have an enormous number of people who think they're going to make points with themselves, who must lead such mingey little lives that to be able to do this kind of thing must be a great feather in their cap."

Dave Langford was annoyed by this and wrote a piece in Tom Perry's Quark to set the record straight about a minor incident that he himself hadn't thought interesting enough to be worth writing up. (He still didn't, but yielded to Perry's badgering for the full story).

Named in homage to the historical (and somewhat more consequential) War of Jenkin's Ear (IA).

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