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Shayne McCormack is an Australian SF fan. She, together with Sabina Heggie, founded Star Trek fandom in Sydney (Down Under Space Kooks -- DUSK) and published several fanzines, including Terran Times, a media science fiction fanzine.

Terran Times was published in Bass Hill, New South Wales, Australia, and was devoted to the original Star Trek television series and the subsequent movies. It was published from December 1969 to July 1972, with five issues being produced in that time.

McCormack also published the fanzines So You Say, Something Else, and Wombat.

She became an active member of the Sydney Science Fiction Foundation and helped organise Syncon '72, possibly the first Australian convention to be held in an hotel.

For some years she was manager of Galaxy Bookshop (owned by the Abbey's bookstores) in downtown Sydney, which became a destination for fans.

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