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A Swedish SF bookstore (which is what "SF-Bokhandeln" means). It currently has three stores, the main one in Stockholm, with branches in Gothenburg and Malmo.

It was founded at 45 Pontonjar Street in Stockholm around the 1977 or 78 by the Scandinavian SF Association A large increase in rent forced it to move in 1980 or 81 to mailorder combined with a cellar store on Tyskbagar Street. Then for a while it worked jointly with Horst Schroder's comics shop on Roslags Street, later moving to their store on Atlas Street. It was manned by volunteers from the Scandinavian SF Association (who were often paid only in books).

Some time in the mid-80s a group of people proposed to run it as a business and moved it to Stora Ny Street in the Old Town (still in Stockholm), a much better address, and business improved enough that it could afford to move to Vasterlang Street in Old Town, one of the best business streets in Stockholm, as well as open branches in both Gothenburg and Malmö.

It was led by Jorgen Forsberg who resigned in 2018, and was replaced by an old time fan, Maths Claesson. Fan Michael Svensson was also involved its management.

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