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An SF bookshop in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Its beginnings in 1977 or thereabouts, first as a mail order business, Minotaur Imports and later as a comics shop are described in A Life in Comics: A personal history of comics in Australia 1960-1990 by Philip Bentley, who along with Greg Gates and Colin Paraskevas, started Minotaur. The shop first opened in 1980 at 23 Tattersalls Lane, but had moved, in May 1981, to Mid-City Arcade before in 1982 or 1983 starting to stock books on science fiction media; and moved again, in Easter 1983, this time to 251 Swanston St, before in 1984 beginning to stock science fiction novels, by which time it had become Minotaur Books. In 1987, a separate store in Flinders Lane was opened for comics, whilst the Swanston St store sold music and videos downstairs and books and games upstairs. In 1989, the Swanston St part of the business was relocated to 128 Elizabeth St. In 1990 comics and books were both moved to 220 Bourke St. (An ad from 1990, advertises Minotaur Books at 220 Bourke St, with comics at 228 Flinders Lane. So it seems that the books were moved first. The name Minotaur Entertainment has also been used.) In 2000, Minotaur moved yet again, this time to a downstairs location at 121 Elizabeth St, which as of 2017, is its current location.

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