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(December 18, 1941 -- January 1, 2002)

Jack C. (Jay) Haldeman was a fan and pro writer. He and his brother Joe Haldeman lived all over the US in their childhoods, but in the 60s, he was living in Washington, DC and was a member of WSFA, which he heard about in connection with Discon, the 1963 Worldcon in Washington. He later lived in Gainesville, FL and was a member of the Hogtown SF Society.

He chaired Disclave 10 through Disclave 17, and the Worldcon, Discon II. He was a member (and President) of WSFA and many meetings were held at the Jay and Vol Haldeman house. The Guilford Gafia also met there. He edited at leats one issue of Tightbeam.

As a professional writer, he published several science fiction novels, mostly in collaboration with Harry Harrison, Jack Dann, Harry Harrison, or Joe Haldeman and one of his stories appeared on the Nebula final ballot. He also wrote numerous short stories, many of them sf sports stories. He is survived by his wife, sf writer Barbara Delaplace. He hosted Travelling Fete IV.

Jay was trained as a biologist, and the tapeworm Hymenapolis haldemanii was named after him.

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