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(August 6, 1925 - April 10, 2003)

Henry Cabot Beck, Sr., a Chicago-area fan, husband to Martha Beck, was the quiet partner in their marriage. He was the one who went to programming at cons, while she visited with fans. He was a gemologist and movie buff. They collected prozines and art.

The son of Col. William F. Beck and Marie Louise Delamazure, Hank was one of five half brothers to burlesque star Sally Rand. After growing up in New York, Kansas City and Elkton, Missouri, Hank joined the Navy and served during WWII and the Korean War. He and Martha married in Phoenix in 1949 and moved to northwest Indiana where he went to work for Ford Motor Co. as an electrician, a job he held until he and Martha retired to Payson, Arizona, in 1992. They had two children, Irene and Henry.

The couple was active in Chicago fandom from the 1950s through the '80s. After Martha's elderly father came to live with them, Hank often stayed home to senior-sit so Martha could attend cons.

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