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(February 4, 1968 --)

A US fanzine publisher and member and past President of N3F, 2013 - 2014, and editor of the club's fanzines. He currently serves as Chair of the club's Directorate. He also serves on several of the club's Bureaus. A part of Bay Area fandom, he is a member of the Bay Area Science Fiction Association.

Speakman studied journalism at Ball State University in Indiana and law at Lincoln Law School of San Jose, California. In his mundane life, as of 2015, he works in Silicon Valley startups and law as a second career. Previously he worked professionally in news and financial media for 20 years, including a stints at ABC, NBC and NPR news stations in Indiana and California, at several newspapers, and at Red Herring magazine as an editor of emerging media and telecommunications and finance.

Speakman has been active in the Dragon*Con American Science Fiction and Fantasy Media track since 2001, at various newspaper, and most-recently moderated the 2013 celebrity panel for the TV series Arrow.


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