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According to the American Heritage Dictionary, a colophon is an "inscription placed usually at the end of a book, giving facts pertinent to its publication." As is often the case, fans got it backward and so generally put the colophon in the front of their fanzines. Wherever it's placed, it contains the editor/publisher's name(s), address(es) (sometimes telephone and/or fax numbers and/or email address[es]), the name of the fanzine, the issue number, sometimes but not always the date of publication, copyright notice (if any) and anything else, frequently including whimsy, which the zine editor may want to put in it. (In most fanzines, the editor and publisher are the same person, but some fanzines are co-edited/published.) There have been a few first instances, however, where over-enthusiastic neos have neglected to provide either a signed editorial, colophon or a return address, leaving the readers of their fanzines to ponder where subscriptions, contributions and/or comments should be sent, much less who to credit or blame.

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