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Clayton Magazines, Inc., New York City, was founded by William Mann Clayton (1884 - 1946).

Clayton, a successful publisher of several pulp magazine titles (Snappy Stories, a men's magazine which was launched in 1912) considered starting an SF title in 1928: according to Harold Hersey, one of his editors at the time, Hersey had "discussed plans with Clayton to launch a pseudo-science fantasy sheet." Clayton was unconvinced.

The following year, however, Clayton decided to launch a new magazine, mainly because the sheet on which the color covers of his magazines were printed had a space for one more cover. He suggested to Harry Bates, a newly hired editor, that they start a magazine of period adventure stories. Bates proposed instead an SF pulp, to be titled Astounding Stories of Super Science, and Clayton agreed.

Astounding was initially published by Publisher's Fiscal Corporation, which became Clayton Magazines in March, 1931. As Analog it is still being published today.

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